Free Font

Its been some time now that I have been considering creating a font, but every time I have looked at a tutorials for programs like fontforge, and glyphs, it always seemed like something that would require a bit of background understanding on structure and just basic rules. Thats important. You have to know the rules before you can break them. So I will do more study on that. During my search though, I discovered calligraphr, which lets you design your own font. I tried it out and it was great and user friendly. All you have to do is write the font out in the spaces provided, scan and upload it and voila! You will have transformed your own handwriting into a font.

Here’s mine, it has the basic, Caps, small caps, numbers and basic punctuation which is what I use for comics. To use the full features and have more characters you have to pay a monthly fee. Which is fine too if you are looking at doing this constantly. A word of advise, each box has 5 spaces in it, your writing needs to fit within the spaces consistently or you’ll end up with ‘jumping’ letters.



Syza 70s Logo

Siika Food Logo

Mille Collines Music





Rwanda Tshirts projects that I worked on earlier this year. When you are an artist, even a part time artist – if such a thing exists. It is more likely that we put aside making art and not so much that we are ‘part-time’ artist. When you are this thing, you will invariably get to […]

God’s Economics

A book cover design for God’s Economics by Hilary Turyagyenda, this was designed for the second edition of the book. Another bro bono design project, in this particular case because the author is also my brother and I was not prepared to put up with the alternative.

Go Digital

  A logo and brand identity that I designed for GOOO DIGITAL!! A project that is near and dear to my heart led by my dearest friend and soon to be business partner John Magara. Go Digital was started to offer digital marketing and social media solutions for small businesses working in Rwanda. The design is […]

Dress Code

Young Savers

A no budget promotion to communicate new Children’s Saving Product. Location: Kigali, Rwanda


Just spent the weekend working on a new header image. The colour on the last one was all wrong, I’m glad that I’ve finally started getting more comfortable with darker skin tones for the character. the other colours in the room were also adjusted. Here is the old one and the new one for comparison;